Sofie & Lily Share Their Skills

Sofie shared with us some artwork she had done at home.

She had been inspired by the art techniques we had been learning in Room 12. The other students in Room 12 wanted to try some of her ideas. Sofie was asked if she would lead a workshop in Discovery. Lily offered to help her. Mrs Jackson also offered to help but was informed by the girls that they thought they could manage.


Sofie is explaining to Taylor C what the next step is.

Me and Sofie are going to be teachers in Room 12. We will be making poppies after lunch at Discovery. We will help the children who are stuck on making their background or their poppies. It is going to be fun.

by Lily


Curl or no curl.


“I liked helping them put all the love hearts around the white edge. The best part was when they asked me where to put them. Next time I would have different colours to use like pink and purple.”

by Sofie


Taylor is learning from Sofie.

“I liked helping the children make their poppy. The best part was when me and Sofie got to make one after most of the other children had gone. Next time I might make them a bit better by adding glitter and sequins.”

by Lily


Lily giving support and encouragement

Ka Pai Sofie and Lily.  You are fantastic mini teachers.

Lily giving support and encouragement.