Starfish, Seahorses and Sharks

Room 9 have been going to the AC Baths for the last week to have our swimming lessons.

Over this time the children have had the opportunity to increase their water confidence level and their water skills level. The instructors at the AC Baths are fantastic. The children have great fun as they are encouraged to move about in the water,  put their face into the water and blow bubbles or lie on their back and float.  


Getting Started

Top Tips

  • If you blow air out of your nose when you put your face in the water then water will not get up your nose

  • Your eyelashes are like windscreen wipers. When you lift your head out of the water blink your eyes fast five times and the water will be gone (no need to wipe your eyes)

  • Breathe air out when you want to sink not in

  • Chin up and tummy button up makes you float better on your back


Seahorses at Play

Room 9 is looking forward to our second week of swimming. Look out for more photos and some stories.


Spot the Sharks


Starfish in the Making

Spot the Sharks photo 3