Statistical POWER


Stacey shares her completed survey sheet

As seniors in the Aratiatia Community, we already know about POWER and how to use it in our learning and our behaviour.

However, we are all better at showing some areas of POWER than others. Some of us have goals to get better at different parts of POWER and we wondered what strengths we had in POWER and how we could help others.


Donald had his tally marks under control


Jack checks his data input for accuracy

To do this, we did a survey of every student in Aratiatia Community, asking them for their particular POWER strength and goal. This allowed us to record and tally the results and then, using this data, we were able to make a bar graph (also called bar chart). Using the iPad was the easiest way to enter the data and it guided us in building each of our graphs.


iPads worked great for easy data entry


Our buddies were helpful too

We learned a lot about the children in our community, as well as lots of new statistics-related language, like axis and legend. It was interesting to ‘read’ our graphs and come up with what we noticed. We made statements about our own graphs and each others’ graphs. Come and check them out anytime and see what you notice!


Chelsy writes down what she noticed in her graph


It's important to take your time when looking for findings


Fergus and Cameron work together on their findings


Our bar graphs feature a title legend and labelled x and y axes


Donald and Chase share their findings


Brookes POWER graph


Our colourful bar graphs and findings

Our next step is to use data squares and multivariate data (that means using a variety of different data sources all at once).

10 Donald and Chase share their findings