Superhero POWER in Room 14

In Room 14 we have been learning about POWER and how it helps in our behaviour and our learning.

We have become superheros that have super power. Our superpowers are Pride, Opportunity, Whanau, Excellence and Respect.  When we use our super power we feel happy in our hearts and our brains grow. Come and check out our Super Hero display in Room 14.


Here are some of our ideas around POWER



If I had super powers I would clean up the classroom by zapping my fingers. Kaylie

I have super proof for telling the truth if anybody lies. Keira  

I have pride in myself.  Tyler

I pick up the raining rubbish.  Ashe

Pride is showing five on the mat. Max K



I am good at trying broccoli and carrot.  Keanu

I take the opportunity to try rock climbing. Elliot

Opportunity is trying new things.  Casey



If I have super powers I would help people if they were sad.  Piper

If I had super powers I would save my teacher from fire.  And if the flowers died I would make them alive again.  Lexi

Ashtin was nice to me when I was sad.  Baylee

Whanau is saying hi to people. Kayden



I am excellent at picking up rubbish because I have sharp eyes. By Lizzie.

I am excellent at gymnastics because I started when I was two.  Tori

I am good at playing with my sister.  To get good at it I practiced.  My mum is good at folding the washing and baking.  Clare

I am excellent as washing the dishes.  To get good at it I practiced a lot with my mum.  Te Whetu



Respect : you have to listen to the teacher and adults.  Clare

Follow the show me five rules on the mat.  Declyn

Respect the ipads and all the stuff in the classroom.  Tyler

Treat others as you would like to be treated. Mrs Sprague


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