Taking the Opportunity to Stretch and Breathe

All our year four, five and six students partake in their annual School Athletics Day. All teachers were assigned to a certain area of fitness. 

The first problem to overcome...we had no yoga mats. We improvised by using large gymnastics mats. These worked extremely well as they were spongy and allowed 3 students per mat where they could help each other.

Students took their yoga seriously and took on board the importance of breathing correctly and stretching all parts of the body. Some students were feeling anxious and nervous as they prepared to face their next challenge out on the field. These students found the relaxing and breathing beneficial and mentioned that they felt calmer as the left the hall.

Other students were visibly exhausted as they entered the hall as they had tried their absolute hardest with events they were desperate to achieve in. Again, yoga proved to be a perfect balance for them. They took the opportunity to physically and mentally re-group before heading back out to the competitive environment.

Wairakei Primary School showed to be forward-thinking and innovative with their learning and providing new and exciting opportunities for all students.


Stretching the thigh


Senior Boys


Middle School Girls


Lifting the spin


Focus on the breath



Lifting the spin