Taupo School Bus Service Helpful update

This is a follow up sent to the bus children by Wairakei Primary School at the end of 2015. If you have any concerns please contact us directly.


In order to simplify payments and ensure consistency that all students using the school bus service were identifiable the 2015 local transport committee introduced a tag systems to be implemented in 2016.

Set Fee:

The transport committee have made a blanket fee for non-eligible children of $50 per term no matter how often they use the bus. The reduced total cost now for this service is $200 per year.


All students using the bus service will need to have a tag to be shown to the bus drivers.

  • A two week grace period is granted so that the identifying tags can be attached to school bags.

  • For majority of the (eligible) children who travel on the buses at Wairakei Primary School the coloured tag will be green. We have decided that we will attach the tag to children’s bags. This will happen before Thursday February 11.  

  • Children who pay for their bus service, their tag will be yellow for term one and distributed to the children upon payment at the school office.

  • Bus drivers will be checking for the appropriate tag when students enter on the bus at their pick up point.  

  • All tags are numbered and a record of the numbers is recorded at each individual school around the area. If a child loses their tag contact the school immediately.

There has also been changes to the local bus routes used by the school.  We have updated bus routes on the school website.  

Yours sincerely,

Marie Woolnough

Assistant Principal

Buses February42016