Te Huka Community Newsletter

2nd February 2016

Dear parents and caregivers,

Welcome to the start of a busy and exciting new school year. We hope you all enjoyed some relaxing and fun times with your families and friends over the summer. Here is a brief outline of our classroom expectations, routines and what we will be covering this term in the junior school.

Class Organisation

Your child is part of the Te Huka Team which consists of Angela Painter in Room 4, Sara Sprague in Room 11, Claire Smith in Room 10 and Leanne Jackson in Room 7.


Our school polo shirt, polar fleece and/or hoodie are compulsory at Wairakei Primary School. These can be bought from Brandfuel in Oruanui Street. The school hoodies can be ordered from the office. Children must wear their uniform every day. School hats must be either a full brim or bucket hat. They must be worn every day in Terms One and Four. The rule is no hat, no play. For your benefit please make sure all clothing is clearly named.

Rules and Expectations

Students are expected to manage their behaviour and follow our school vision of P.O.W.E.R- Power, Opportunity, Whanau, Excellence and Respect. We will be learning about these values and how we can demonstrate them in the classroom and outside in the playground as part of our inquiry learning in the first few weeks of term.

Physical Education

The focus this term is athletics culminating in a Junior Athletics display for parents near the end of the term. We will be practising our athletics skills each week and also building up our fitness every day. Our annual swimming lessons are being held in the last two weeks of term. More information around this will be sent out closer to the time.

Brain Break and drinks

We have a daily brain break in class to allow children to ‘fuel their bodies for learning’ so all children need to bring cut fruit/vegetables or nuts each day in their lunchbox. It would be helpful if they had a named drink bottle also as it is important for them to drink water regularly in this hot weather.


This is a ‘hands on’ activity based programme which will be held on Fridays from 11.30am to 1.00pm in the junior school area. All activities focus on strengthening students’ problem solving skills, creativity and self-management. While this hot weather lasts, we would like students to bring togs and a towel on a Friday so they can participate in water activities if they would like to. We welcome parent support at this time.


Each child will have a clear-file as their home-link communication book. This needs to be returned daily as we use this as part of our literacy programme. It will contain information on literacy and numeracy and some fun ways you can help them with their learning at home, eg, games, website links and apps. They will also contain spelling and sight word lists for them to practice. The clear-file will also have a reading log with a check in and check out box so we can keep track of our readers going home. We will be signing these in and out in class. If they do not bring their reader back, they will not be able to take a new one home.

Library Days

Please make sure your child brings their library book back on the correct day so they may change them.

  • Room 7- Tuesday

  • Room 10- Thursday

  • Room 11- Monday

  • Room 4- Wednesday

Bus students

Bus students must have the correct tag to travel on the bus. These will be available at the school office.

Upcoming events

Any important events will be listed in the school newsletter which comes home every week on a Tuesday.  Log on Mail Chimp on the contacts page of the school website to receive a digital copy of the newsletter.

We hope this letter has been an informative introduction to our Te Huka Team. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to make a time to meet to discuss any aspect of your child’s learning.

Our contact details are:

Staff welcomes

Room 10 Claire Smith

Room 7 Leanne Jackson

Room 11 Sara Sprague

Room 4 Angela Painter

Kind regards,

Claire Smith, Leanne Jackson, Angela Painter, Sara Sprague

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