Te Huka Cross Country Training

The Te Huka team has been training for our school cross country which is coming up in week 5.

We always start with a warm up and stretches. We have been doing three laps around our field.  We have to make sure we go behind the trees on the field. Then we go over the ‘hurdles” on the senior playground and around the tyres and across the court. Each time we go around we collect an ice block stick. The distance is quite challenging for us. There is lots of puffing and red faces but it’s a great way to warm up on a cold day. We are also feeling proud of our achievements. For some of us, this is furthest we have ever run.  

Max H

Sometimes it is hard to go three times around the course because often I use up all my energy at morning tea.


I went around the course four times today.  I felt happy because I showed POWER.


I like doing cross country because you get fit and it’s a lot of fun.  My goal is to come first place three times in training and I have done this and now my goal is to win our school cross country.


I think training for the cross country is hard because you have to go around for three laps around the field or your can do four or five.


Cross country is really fun because you get to run over the hurdles and you get to run with your friends.  


After I went three times around the course I felt a bit tried and I had a headache.  I also felt proud of myself.


It is fun practising for the cross country and going around three times.


Action man Te Whetu, making his way around the course


Casey tackling the hurdles


Clare, with a big smile, running is fun!


Lennox with his three ice blocks sticks to show his has done three laps


Lizzie doing the warrior stretch


Quianah enjoying her run


Stretching before we start our training

Stretching before we start our training