Te Mihi Community Year 4, 5 and 6

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We are establishing a learning community of Year 4, 5 and 6 students who will be known as the Te Mihi Community. This community will comprise of four teachers -  Melanie Matthews, Olivia Graham, Sherryl Crawford and Colleen Green.  We will be working collaboratively in the Te Mihi shared space.

Olivia Graham, Sherryl Crawford and Colleen Green will have a whanau group of students that they will oversee throughout the year.  These groups are organised purely for administrative purposes such as class trips and as the first point of contact for you about your child.  Melanie Matthews is the team leader and will be teaching with the team also.  Should you wish to communicate with a teacher about your child please contact their whanau group teacher or feel free to speak to anyone in the team. We will all be working with your children.

Reading, writing and maths will underpin all learning activities, as well as being the foundation for workshops within the collaborative environment.  All students will attend targeted workshops and be able to select additional workshops that interest and motivate them. There will be an aspect of student-led inquiry, allowing students to work on authentic and personalised tasks that cater to their own interests while researching and learning from and with each other.

The Te Mihi learning environment will include:

  • Personalised learning opportunities

  • Socially constructed learning - collaboration with peers and experts

  • Goal-setting across core curriculum areas

  • Extension group

  • Home learning will be a requirement

  • Must do’s and can do’s

  • Development of time management skills

  • Opportunities for leadership

  • Hands-on, practical tasks

There will be an opportunity early next year to learn about our innovative learning environment (ILE) and the positive outcomes for our students and we will be holding an information evening early in Term 1 2016. As a school, and independently, we all have been researching the need for an ILE  and are currently developing our Learning Values that will form the basis for all that we do. The main purpose for the changes is to raise student achievement for all our learners.

We are all very excited about the changes and look forward to working with you and your child in 2016.  We will be providing feedback throughout the year on how your child’s learning is progressing and we welcome your thoughts on how you think they are going.


Olivia Graham, Sherryl Crawford, Colleen Green, Melanie Matthews

Download:  Te-Mihi-2016-letter-to-parents.pdf

Te Mihi 2016 letter to parents