Te Mihi’s visit to World of Maths

World of Maths came to visit Wairakei Primary School.  

It was set up in the hall. When we had done our role we headed over there. It was quite a sight when we arrived. There were lots of tables set up with lots of different things on them.  Some of the activities were very big and colourful. We could see that there was going to be lots of things that we could pick up and play with.

When we came in we had to sit down the end of the hall by the chairs and a man named Charlie came and talked to us. He asked us “Who likes maths and why?” He also asked us some maths questions. Then Charlie explained what we were to do at each station. We were allowed to pick things up, play with the equipment and try to solve the problems. He also told us that it was important for us to read the instructions so we knew what to do.

Then we got into groups of 3-4 and we were off. We could pick any station to start with and then we were allowed to go to a different one when it became free.  Some of the activities were fun and easy but some were hard and challenging (especially the old calculator). Lots of us liked going to the ball rolling station because it was fun to try and get the ball through the maze. We had to work together to move the box to make it roll. The box was very big!

We had been in the hall for about an hour when Charlie called us back together and we had to sit down at the end of the hall again.  He asked us what we thought of what we had done and he went through some of the answers with us.

Here are some of our thoughts about the day:

Beau – I thought it was fun because we didn’t have a set time to complete the tasks and we could roam.  I liked the mapping one because it had lots of working out options.

Aarion – It was cool because it had cool games to play with.  I liked the weighing one because it was challenging.

Ezra – It was quite fun.  We got to help the juniors when they went to World of Maths too.  I liked the Mr Bean activity because we got to move things around.

Brodie – It was entertaining.  There was a ton of activities to do and some were tricky.  I liked the rolling ball one because it was challenging.

Patrick – It was cool.  You got to do stuff that you don’t usually get to do in the classroom.  The calculator was good because it was old.

Gilbert – It was fun and entertaining.  It encouraged us to work as a team. I liked the rolling ball activity because it was a challenge to get it to the end.

Abbie – It was really fun and we learnt a lot.  We learnt that there was more than one way to solve a problem.  I really liked the motor one because I’m a real petrol head.

Abbey – I thought it was really interesting.  I originally thought that maths was really boring but after going to World of Maths I now think that it can be interesting.  I liked that it was hands on and you could do different activities. The activities taught you about multiplication, algebra and addition and subtraction.