Term 2 Week 6

The Enviro Group hosted the school assembly. We also did a report of the school newsletter.

They do a presentation on the Five Guiding Principles and present each class with a visual display for their classroom.

The shredder/chipper and worm farm are also shown to the whole school. Bruce Were, Operations Manager at Fonterra’s Reporoa Branch, attended our assembly and presented the items to the school. Taupo’s Mayor, Rick Cooper also came along.


Paper4Trees Programme

During 2011 we collected and recycled 101 wheelie bins of paper and card. This was an increase of 11 bins collected in 2010. We received 13 native plants from Taupo Native Plant Nursery for our school. We planted these into our Maze and Gully on Friday 8th June 2012 with the assistance of Brent Aiken (Taupo District Council), Mayor Rick Cooper and Amanda Jones (Enviroschools).

We have purchased a Shredder/Chipper and a new Worm Farm thanks to a donation received from Fonterra.

The shredder/chipper will allow us to recycle all the 'green waste’ from our gully, maze and garden areas. This will be used as garden mulch and added to the compost bins. (A good start to reducing our costs at the local landfill)

The new worm farm is more student user friendly and easier to collect the 'tea’ from.


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