The art of collaboration

It is the best when we get to work with our friends and share. Monday 20 February saw Rooms 7 and 8 joining forces for art in the hall. It was a chance to spread out in a fresh space and collaborate on a shared goal. The art task was simple yet effective. We learned about lines of symmetry, reflection, and the importance of planning. There was a focus on following instructions, using a model and having new ideas. Self-management was also required as we did not want to get paint all over the shiny hall floor. We shared materials and our ideas, and supported each other when we didn't know what to do. Here we are in action:


Everyone's art looked different, yet the same.


Good planning is crucial for good results.


Concentration and self-management were important too.


We supported each other when we weren't sure.


Some quick thinking to get Dannika started.


It was great to have a giant space to use.

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