This is our school’s beautiful Wai (Water) song

Today the enviro group hosted our school assembly and performed our Little Green Riding Hood play.

Friday 14th March 2014 - Today we held a Mufti Day to raise the money needed to purchase a block of Hebel (aerated concrete) for our Koru Sculpture. We raised $212.70 which will also cover the cost of purchasing the sealer which is needed to coat the koru for outside use.

Little Green Riding Hood - Eight of our students have been invited to perform this play at the up-coming Enviroschools Workshop/Expo Day being held in Taupo. We have begun practices with the rest of our student group becoming the props ie house, trees, rabbits. We are having lots of fun with this well written, funny enviro take on a famous tale.

In week 8 of this term, we will once again host our school assembly. Our focus will once again be on reducing litter and caring for our whole environment. Every member of the group is involved in the presentation. We are also writing an article for the school newsletter relating to the 4 'R’s - REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. 

This is our school’s beautiful Wai (Water) song written by    Whaea Danelle and Room 6 Students.


Worm tea


written by Whaea Danelle and Room 6 Students.


Amanda watched on as the worms were feed a yummy smorgasbord of scraps.


21st February - today we helped Roz (who does sooooo much for us) by starting the digging over of the bark under the senior playground.


28th February - The worm farm is doing extremely well and is now producing, on average, 2 litres of worm tea every two (2) days. We are increasing the number of feedings per week and students are taking more and more responsibility for this. We cleared the bottom tray which collects the 'castings’ and have put these into our garden beds.


Hmmm … a taste test! PERFECT was the verdict.


MARCH - Gully - Carters Tyres, Taupo, delivered a truck load of old tyres which will be used to further reinforce the gully banks. The Community Service Group people plan on coming out later this month to help us. Students worked hard, carrying the tyres to the bottom of the gully and stacking them up.


Then … we picked tomatoes from our vines.

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