Today is World Ranger Day

We received an email from Mrs Fitzsimmons, showing us what the Department of Conservation (DOC) does to help New Zealand wildlife and plant species.

We decided we would like to celebrate the rangers’ hard work because we are thinking about how we can ‘dare to care’ and make a real difference through our inquiry topic.

The email said:

To celebrate World Ranger Day on the 31st of July 2017, we want to let students know what it’s like to be a DOC ranger. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to educate young people on DOC’s work and to perhaps inspire future DOC rangers!

To do this, we will be hosting a Facebook LIVE Q & A session with DOC rangers on our Facebook page. You’ll be able to tune in to the live video stream from your classroom, and your students will have the chance to ask DOC rangers questions about what their job is like, live!

The Rangers already had a lot of questions so we just listened. We learned about their favourite animals and favourite locations around New Zealand, and how they came to work at DOC.

This live session was during our morning tea but we didn’t mind because it was so cold outside anyway.

You can read the DOC rangers’ blog here.


The link we clicked to join in

Settling in for the Q+A