Treaty Promises in Room 13

Room 13 have been learning about the Treaty of Waitangi.

As part of our learning, we read The Tree Hut Treaty story. What a great story. We decided we needed to make a Treaty for us as a class. We have called it Room 13 Class Promises Treaty. Our Class Promises mean we understand how to behave towards each other and in our classroom, how to look after our belongings and classroom equipment respectfully and what we can do to sort out any arguments or disputes. We will display our Class Promises Treaty on our wall.

Miss Woodcock brought in blankets and rugs so we were able to build our own huts.


First groups planning their huts

We quickly organised ourselves into groups and collected blankets, tables and chairs. Some excellent teamwork happened as we worked together in our groups to build our huts. There are many future builders, engineers and decorators in Room 13.


Teamwork in action

Some of the boys had a great idea to use pegs to hold their blankets onto the chairs. Some of the girls used chairs to create doorways and windows.


Group joining group

One group of boys and a group of girls decided to join their two huts together to make a bigger hut. Another group was asked to join to make an even bigger hut. Then finally the last group were asked to join creating one enormous hut for the whole class to be in together.


Future builders - look at the pegs

Activities and games were quickly moved in - whiteboards, wipers and whiteboard pens, lots and lots of board games, blocks and even the train set.


Our finished hut with doors and windows

We only had one problem when someone decided to decorate the top with manilla folders and someone else didn’t like the decoration so removed it. But this was good because as a class we had a discussion about what to do when we have disagreements. We decided that when disagreements happen we will have a ‘campfire’ discussion to fix the problem. We will need to build a campfire for the class to sit around. Luckily our teacher likes making things.


Moving the activities in

Not only did we learn about the Treaty of Waitangi we have also learnt and practised co-operation, teamwork and showing Whanau in our class. Hopefully, the cleaners don’t mind if we leave our hut up for another few days.

We are Room 13.

1. first groups planning their huts