Tree Planting

Tree Planting June 26, 2015

All new students to our school over the past twelve months planted a native tree in our school grounds today. John worked with the children showing them the correct way to plant.


Students tree planting with John

Sump Tank Lined June 21, 2015

Today we lined the end panels of ‘B’ Unit’s sump tank to reduce the growth of algae.


Lining B unit sump tank

Newsletter Item  June 2, 2015

This weeks Student’s page was by the Enviro Group. We reported on all the interesting, fun things we are doing.

Download PDF copy of newsletter


Taupo Times article

June 19, 2015

Room 4 Assembly - a power point was shown today detailing the  ‘state’ of the world’s environment, with students relating each topic to the actions and consequences of how we act in our community. A powerful, thought provoking presentation by our younger generation.


Isabel assembly presentation


Connor room 4 assembly presentation

R4 Certificates - Paige S., Isabel and Danika received certificates at todays assembly for their hard work and commitment to enviro projects in our school. Well done girls.


Danica, Isabel and Paige

Water Testing -  Rose and Gypsy carried out the testing on ‘A’ & ‘B’ Units today. We test to check the levels of pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Last week the students showed Jane (our wonderful parent helper) how the testing is done.


Myles doing water testing

Lady Bugs & Firelighters - students collected dry cabbage tree leaves today and while making firelighters from them, we came across several leaves with large families of ladybugs. The beautiful critters were taken back to the gardens to continue their work keeping our gardens healthy.

What a busy day With firelighter orders flowing in, today we needed to catch up fulfilling orders. We made 170 firelighters. The money raised goes towards our projects.



Matariki  June 17/18, 2015 - Wow, Amazing, Fun, Exciting, Yummy. These are just a few of the ways our students have expressed their feelings and experiences from our Matariki Celebrations held this week. Sharing, laughing, working together and supporting one another shone through in bucket loads. Every student made a hangi meal, with extras made for the community (400 all up) and then we witnessed the cooking process, digging up and finally consuming our yummy meals as we all ate together. While our food was cooking happily in the ground pit, students rotated around Matariki based activities which included: planting seeds, making kites, painting the Matariki sky, making stars, maori games and language. Family and community joined in with us throughout the whole event. We all take away some stunning memories from Matariki 2015.



Lemons June 16,2015 - our lemon tree in the vege garden has its first ripening lemons on it.



Tauhara College Visit  Tuesday June 16 2015 - Year 11 science students from one of our local colleges spent an afternoon learning about our Aquaponics Unit. Myles, Connor S., Paige S. and Isabel shared their knowledge of the unit’s workings and in turn,we also learnt some new information from another group.


Tauhara College visit

Mandarin/Corokia Trees Planted June 13,2015

Drizzly and a generally dull Saturday - perfect for planting. Jane and Ms Fitzsimmons went out to school and planted our lovely new mandarin trees in the Unit complex and some corokia plants in the Brain Maze. A self seeded Pittosporum that had grown in the Maze was transplanted into the Gully. Normally students would have planted these however the ground area for these plants was excessively hard and required ‘adult’ power.



Garlic June 11, 2015 - Mrs Farquhar bought us some garlic bulbs which have been planted in our vege beds. She also gave us some spinach plants and they are planted beside the garlic.


Garlic planted

Apple Trees June 10, 2015 - John has given our two newest apple trees a prune which will encourage strong new growth for next season.


Apple tree prune

Tauhara College visit June 16


Tauhara College Visit June 16 2015


Tauhara College Visit June 16 2015


Connor Tauhara College Visit June 16 2015




Isabel and Paige Tauhara College Visit June 16 2015

Tauhara College Visit June 16 2015


Myles Tauhara College Visit June 16 2015

Students Tree Planting with John June 2015