Wairakei Estate Propagation Project

On Wednesday 9 November 2016, all Year 6 students were invited to Wairakei Estate on Broadlands Road to take part in their Propagation Project. This involved students working with Liston Heights Rest Home residents to plant small flax, cabbage trees, and pittosporum into larger pots so they can grow and be ready for planting into the wet lands. During our busy, hot day, about 3100 plants were repotted, making this a very successful day. Our students enjoyed the beautiful grounds around Wairakei Estate, learnt about different types of plants and how to care for them, and had interesting conversations with new people. We would like to thank Wairakei Estate for this opportunity and for their generous donation to our school. Our Year 5s can't wait to take part in this next year and hope to beat the planting record!


Learning the ropes


Boys at work


Arliyah moves the plants to the nursery


Paige and Jaylah check that the dirt is firm in the pot


Teamwork gets the job done


Great result