We did a joint fundraiser with our PTA


12:30pm–2:30pm Taupo Airport round-a-bout

We did a joint fundraiser with our PTA, with our share of the funds going towards the Aquaponics Unit. Starting at 6:30 am, we did two (2) 'Cheering’ sites for the Taupo Contact Cycle Challenge. We had SOOooo much fun even though the weather was a bit windy and drizzly at times. We appreciate the support we received (some families did the ultimate commitment and did both sites) and thank you all very much.



6:30am-10:30am Poihipi Road


Undercover Cody also came and we all enjoyed his show about being smart in the sun - SLIP, SLOP SLAP AND WRAP!


Sunsmart School Accreditation Presentation Jocelyn presented us with our accreditation which we gained in March 2014.



Week 6 Term 4 This week we planted some of our tomato and pumpkin plants in our gardens. Hopefully we won’t get any late frosts and lose them.

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