We hosted Assembly today with a presentation covering our Maze design

Assembly - We hosted Assembly today with a presentation covering our Maze design and use, tree care and why trees are important to us, food scrap programme,classroom green bins, past and up coming rubbish audits, Fonterra Milk carton recycling and the Mother Earth competition.

Each member of our group had a piece of the script to say and we also showed accompanying pictures using the school’s new projector and screen set-up.

Seed Planting - We started at 11:30am today to enable us to get all our seeds planted for our Pet Day Stall being held on 19th October. We worked outside Roz’s shed, in the beautiful spring sunshine. We potted pumpkin, zucchini, peas, beans, silverbeet, tomatoes, apple and long cucumbers and sweet corn. We need to get more pots and will do some planting during lunch breaks next week.

We also collected more cabbage tree leaves and made firelighters. Room 2 students came out and helped with the firelighter making.

Today we received an email from Mother Earth Rewards 2013 advising our proposed Aquaponics Project has been selected as one of the 9 (nine) finalists from throughout NZ.  An additional section is for "Peoples Choice” so we have been busy campaigning for Taupo to support us - Vote 4 Us - @ www.motherearth/rewards

Bridge - September 2013 Week 6

We owe a huge thank you to Andrew Mackintosh for taking our ideas, designing and making the kitset for our bridge.


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