We think Monarchs are AMAZING!

As part of part of our Inquiry into the Living world Room 12 have nurtured some Monarch Caterpillars.

We had an enormous swan plant in Room 12 and lots of caterpillars ate hungrily from the plant. Soon there were no leaves left! Mrs Dredge took some caterpillars home to the swan plants in her garden so they wouldn’t die.

Soon the caterpillars turned into chrysalises. They hung upside down for two weeks. It was very exciting to see the beautiful monarch butterflies emerge from the chrysalises.


We learnt that the bright yellow and black stripes on the caterpillar’s body and the bright orange wings on the butterfly help to scare away birds so they don’t get eaten.

We also learnt that it is too cold in the autumn for the butterflies to live so they fly away to a warmer country.

We think Monarchs are AMAZING!

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