What's the FAD idea? Fidget Spinners

Room 3 have been learning all about Fidget Spinners. How they work, with bearings and friction. We have looked at the science behind them.

We learned about the inventor Catherine Hettinger who invented the toy to entertain her eight-year-old daughter because she was sick. We learned that in 1997 the fidget spinner was patented (we learnt about patents also) so her idea was protected and couldn’t be copied. But then in 2005 Hettinger didn’t have enough money to renew her patent and she lost the rights over her invention so other people have copied her original idea.

We held a class debate about Fidget Spinners in schools, we looked at all the points for and against having them in schools.


Class Debate


Class Debate

Then we wrote a ‘persuasive argument’ about why fidget spinners should be allowed in schools or should not be allowed in schools.

Here are a few sentences from our writing:

In my opinion, I believe fidget spinners should be banned from schools because the distract people and they annoy the teachers. Some children might nag their parents for one. Nick

I think fidget spinners should be allowed in schools because they help you concentrate. I think we should be allowed to have them in schools as they are fun to play with. Fergus

In my opinion, I think fidget spinners should be in schools as they can help people with ADHD and help people to concentrate. Fidget spinners also help develop muscles in your hands. Frankie 

In my opinion, I believe that fidget spinners should be allowed in schools. Some people use them to calm down and help them think. Bailey 

We have been using our fidget spinners this week in maths and spelling. It has been a lot of fun trying to do challenges before the spinner stops. Next week we are going to be carrying out experiments with our fidget spinners and designing our own.


Fidget Spinner Challenges for Maths


Fidget Spinner Challenges


Fidget Spinner Maths Warm up


Fidget Spinner Times Tables


Fidget Spinner Warm Up

Fidget Spinner Warm Up 2