Wild Robot and the Robotic Hands

Room 3 has been reading The Wild Robot by Peter Brown as part of our Chapter Chat and Twitter Chat activities.

It is a wonderful story about a Robot who learns to understand and speak animal languages on a deserted island.


We have been researching all sorts of things that are connected to the book, like How Birds Fly?, and When was Fire Invented? We have researched about Otters, Squirrels, and Bears too.

Chapter Chat is not only for reading but also for writing, art, and STEM. During our writing we have been exploring how to say no to bullies, writing information reports and describing our perfect robot. We have been drawing robots and wildlife creatures and the forest where Roz the main character in the book has found herself. We love Chapter Chat and this book.

Last week we had a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) challenge to complete - making a Robotic Hand.

First, we watched some YouTube tutorials, then we wrote about how to make a Robotic Hand. Next, we had to try to make one following our instructions. It was tricky and took a long time. Some of us did not complete the task but some of us were successful. We helped each other because parts of it were very tricky.


Robot Hands


Robot Hands 2

First, you had to cut out a hand shape for the hand and arm out of strong cardboard. Next, some people chose to make a skeleton type hand and others made fingers. We had to measure the fingers and then cut them out. Next scored the cardboard to make the knuckles of the fingers or cut our straws so they would bend. We glued small pieces of straw to help the string run through. We then threaded and tied string through the straws to enable the ‘fingers’ to bend. We tied knots in the string to pull the string to bend the fingers. It was tricky.


Bailey Robot Hand

“I cut my string too short so had to redo them three times” Bailey


Maddox Robot Hand

“My straws bend a lot because I cut them too much but it still works” Maddox


Lucas Robot Hand

“”I had some problems but I just tried again and again and then I got it”


Nick Ben Jasimyn Robot Hands

“It was so much fun and Fergus and I modified the plan, you do not have to follow the plan you can make changes, We are going to make another one. Ours can pick up glues stick and other things” Nick

Nick and Fergus have made a video to explain how they made it.

How to make a robotic hand