Wonderful Whiteboards

In Room 10 we love using the whiteboards to help us with our learning.


cool cats on whiteboards

Over the last few weeks, we have discovered many different ways in which we can use them.


learning to write our letters

Using the whiteboard to practice our letter formation is handy because we can rub out our mistakes and try again.


practising sight words

Learning to write and read sight words is fun when we practice writing them with a buddy.


early addition practice

We also use them to practice our maths such as tally marks, number formation, drawing groups of numbers as well as addition and subtraction.


Molly and Crystsal

Molly and Crystal spent buddy class time drawing a unicorn each.


learning to draw


drawing on whiteboards

One of our new discoveries has been learning how to follow instructions by drawing simple pictures. This is great fun and we all try super hard to complete our learning tasks so that we can have some drawing time before morning tea.

learning to draw