Worm Farm Setup

We set-up the bin on Wednesday so it would be settled by the time the worms arrived on Friday. Helen Cowell (parent) kindly donated the worms to us and helped us settled them in. We have made up a feeding rotation chart and have been learning about how and what to feed them.


The group has been working hard and completed a comprehension study of the possibilities of setting up this unit. They are now starting to make models of the area which will be followed up by a presentation for the school’s management and Board of Trustees.


The school and community celebrated Matariki together with an array of activities. The commitment and generosity of all was the brightest star to shine.

In the lead up to Matariki, all classes were involved in learning about the meaning and traditions of Matariki.


Wednesday - preperation of hangi meals, digging of the hangi pit and setting of the fire and stones.

Thursday - Students carried out jobs around the school which they had identified and chosen as a class. These included - trimming and cleaning up the Maze, cleaning windows, weeding gardens and adding mulch, trimming plants in the front gardens, turning over the bark in the playgrounds, shredding green waste/branches, sweeping, rubbish pick-ups…

Friday - everyone particapated in a full day of Activity Rotations which included - story telling, making stars, kite making, weaving, songs, maori games (string, rakau), maori jump jam, planting seeds, we showed a DVD called 'The Plastic Soup’ and discussed it relationship to our environment, cooking and computer interactive activities.


We are making a wooden sign to go on the entrance gate to the gully. We are chiselling out the letters and want it to have a rustic look when finished.

TERM 3 Week 7 -  The group wrote an article for the school newsletter, sharing the things we have been doing with parents and the community. We also hosted assembly and presented an 'Interview with Ben-dy Worm’, an informative item about our worm farm.George and Ben presented the idea at our weekly meeting. The item showcased: the type of worms,  how the farm works, what it produce and it’s uses and the feeding programme.


Swimming Pool 2012 Project Planning update

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