Writing learning Adverbs

As part of our writing programme this term we have had a focus on learning all about adverbs.


our amazing Adverb Wall.


more adverbs to look at and learn.

Our first task was to create an 'Adverb Wall' with as many different adverbs as we could think of. This is so we can refer to this for new and exciting adverbs to use in our daily writing. We also recognise many other adverbs within our reading as well.


sharing our learning with others from other classes

We have written many stories using adverbs to begin our writing and to use in our writing of our amazing stories.


using adverbs in our writing


starting our writing with an adverb.


more adverbs in our writing1


more adverbs in our writing2

We are experimenting with using different adverbs depending on the focus of our writing to aim for excellence in the stories we produce.

sharing our learning with others from other classes