Melanie Matthews

I was born and raised in Auckland city in a family of nine. Originally from Cornwall, England my father decided to bring his family to Australia and then eventually settled in New Zealand. So I have strong whanau ties to England, Australia and New Zealand. In 1996 I moved to Taupo for a lifestyle change and to raise my children. I have a daughter Hannah, son Joshua, daughter-in-law Camilla and my adorable granddaughter Fern. Prior to studying for my Bachelor of Education I worked for 10 years as a computer operator in Auckland. 

I have a keen interest for the effective use of digital technologies within a learning environment. I work in partnership with Leigh Hynes in developing a connected group of Taupo Teachers with a focus on how we are using digital technologies within our classrooms environments. I recently have become a member of the VPLD where I will be participating in Virtual Professional Learning and Development around being a connected Educator.  This year I have also become a member of National Aspiring Principals (NAPP) which will complement by work with the VPLD as both are focused on my Professional Inquires around Future Focused leadership. In 2013 I was a Virtual Presenter for Teach Meet NZ at Ulearn (3 day conference). I presented on SOLO – ‘Reflection Thought and Action’. SOLO  is a structure for observed learning outcomes. It is a simple structure for 3 different levels of understanding –Surface, Deep, and Conceptual. SOLO is a key feature within Wairakei Primary Schools Curriculum.

2017 Wairakei Primary School Melanie Matthews
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