Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Introduction: Strength of community spirit thriving for over 50 years

Wairakei Primary School is so very proud to be the community focal point.

Since 1960 Wairakei Primary School has been a focal point of the geothermal community. It still has the children of employees at the Power Station. These children are joined by the strong agricultural sector that has developed in the area, the lifestyle focussed communities of Kinloch and Acacia Bay, as well as the northern Taupo residential areas of Nukuhau and Rangatira, together with the children of the Wairakei village.

Well resourced and easily accessible

Only 9 km north of Taupo township, we are able to take advantage of Taupo facilities (the AC Baths are 7 minutes away), but at the same time have the pleasures of a country school. A tranquil secluded learning environment that children and staff are able to relax in and enjoy the benefits of an education that is focussed on student learning. And we still have a pet day.

At Wairakei Primary School we pride ourselves on providing an education that caters to the needs of all students. This inclusive environment ensures your child is getting the best education possible. The school caters for children from new entrants up to year six and reflects the safe, caring, family environment our location provides.

Wairakei Primary School is about learning for everyone, children, parents and teachers. We aim to accomplish the primary goal of a passion for learning, a desire to learn and a capability and confidence to learn.

Community is a valuable source of identity

Through the diversity of our programs, the enthusiasm of our staff and the support of our wider school community

We believe our excellent reputation rests in our strong sense of partnership with the parents and community. The values we celebrate are formed from our commitment to realising the potential of all students through a balanced education addressing the academic, social, emotional and physical aspects of our children's lives.

The 230 children who attend Wairakei Primary School are considerate and supportive of each other and are fortunate to be offered a wealth of endless opportunities to spark their interests, feed their enthusiasm and extend their creativity into success. Whether it is programmes offered as part of the academic curriculum or numerous co-curricular activities and sporting opportunities, the range offered goes toward creating well-rounded individuals with a richness of experience. The aim is children to be active in forging and leading their own pathways to success through the choices that they are encouraged to make.

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Breadth of educational and co-curricular opportunities

The educational team at Wairakei Primary School lead the academic aim to provide an enriched, interesting curriculum that meets our students needs to prepare them for future learning. We are well respected for providing a secure learning environment of equal opportunity for all our students to feel confident with. Whilst all New Zealand's curriculum areas are taught with a strong vision to nurture 21st-century learners, the emphasis of teaching and learning programmes is on Literacy and Numeracy in order to build a solid foundation for future learning.

On-going devotion for learning can be attributed to the superb quality and experience of the teaching and support staff who work together to provide a breadth of educational opportunities in a friendly and caring school community. We have a strong belief that success for life requires full involvement from everybody in the diverse wider community. We actively value and promote open communication in the belief that strong positive home-school partnerships, with parents and teachers working together, will enable our children to achieve their full potential.

Warm welcome to visit

You are most welcome to come and visit Wairakei Primary School, for we believe the most important way to know if a school is the best place for your child to be educated is to spend time seeing, hearing and getting a feel for how our school operates. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about our school or to make an appointment so that you can receive a personalised visit around this special school.

At Wairakei Primary School we believe we are honoured in that the strong community spirit that was so evident 50 years ago has continued to grow and strengthen. For many years, the positive community involvement has been an enduring strength of the school, and into the future, we will continue to strengthen the community bond.

We are very proud of where we have come from, proud of the school we have, and proud of the education journey that we are on…so it is for this very reason that we welcome you and your family to become part of this great school.

What the Board do

The Wairakei Primary School Board of Trustees works hard on your behalf to ensure our school operates in a well resourced and supportive environment which ensures the maximum possible level of high-quality education is delivered to all students. Trustees who are elected or co-opted, are responsible for administering the Ministry of Education by-laws, they are responsible for the maintenance of the school and its equipment and for the allocation and spending of funds and Ministry of Education grants.

The Board trustees act on behalf of both the school community and the Ministry of Education. We are accountable for providing an environment that enables our students to achieve. We have overall responsibility for the school, including certain legal obligations covering property, safety, personnel, school finances, and reporting to the Ministry and the school community. Each year, we must send an annual report to the MoE and to our school community.

The Board has responsibility for governance. The Board has a hand in ensuring effective delivery of the curriculum, establishing strategic goals, developing and reviewing policies, monitoring performance, employing staff, and supporting the principal in the management of the school. Practically, this means that we make decisions in a range of areas, from what the school's educational targets will be, what to spend money on, and planning for the future. We do this while keeping the best interests of the school, our students, and our school community in sight at all times.

We are always willing and interested to listen to suggestions and help in the betterment of Wairakei Primary School school, its conditions for students and in Ministry of Education policy matters.