POWER for Learning

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Why is POWER for learning a fantastic way to provide positive learning opportunities that enhance student learning?

Three reasons why POWER for learning is valuable for Wairakei Primary School  

  • Allows us to clearly communicate and teach the behaviours we want to see.

  • Recognises when students ‘get it right’ and celebrating these successes. 

  • Uses students ‘getting it wrong’ as an opportunity to re-teach and support students to get it right. 

POWER for Learning 

POWER for Learning "aims to provide a positive school climate and to create a supportive environment for personal, social, and academic growth for students and staff. In other words, the school-wide plan is essentially an instrument to enable the goals of the school to be achieved, especially the goals of student achievement." (Positive Behaviour for Learning, 2015 Overview, Colvin, 2007, p.10)