A Million Dreams

A million dreams are keeping us awake.


LI: to sing as a group.

LI: to perform a song in front of an audience.

That is the idea that the Wairakei Primary School choir has brought to life over the past two terms.

The choir (years 4-6) practised every Wednesday to perform at the Celebration of Learning at the end of term 2.

In this concert, the choir sang two songs.

The first song was Stand By Me, by Ben E. King.

In this song, the choir sings about relying on each other in tough times, and being brave when things get challenging.

This was also an opportunity for students to audition for a solo. This gave them valuable experience in preparing and practicing their singing to perform on their own. No easy feat!

In the end, one solo was turned into two, as the talent here at Wairakei made the decision too hard to choose just one.

Jessie (Rm 12) and Amelia (Rm 10) were chosen for the solos.

You can watch and listen to the choir sing here

The second item the choir performed was A Million Dreams, from the movie The Greatest Showman.

In this song, the choir sings about how exciting it is to have dreams and with so much to look forward to, it’s hard to even get to sleep!

Every child who wanted a solo had the opportunity, and so many jumped at the chance.

A Million Dreams105 c2