Art & Craft Master Class

One of the Master Classes that children in the Poihipi Team have been electing to participate in this term is Art & Craft in Room 11.

They have been learning new skills and techniques while they have been experimenting with different media. The activities included stamping, scraping, weaving, cutting, and threading.








For our Master Class Celebration Day, the children were going to be the teachers. They were going to demonstrate their learning by teaching visitors to the Master Class how to create something arty crafty. This meant that in the last week of Master Classes the children had to stay with one of the Master Class options. This was because they needed to decide what they were going to teach and how this would happen. The children who decided to be in the Arts & Crafts Master Class experimented with making Snowflakes and Bugs. We made decisions about the best materials to use, how to share equipment and table space, and who was going to teach which activity. Relating to others, Managing self, Thinking, Participating & contributing, and Using language, symbols and texts were all used in preparation for Master Class Celebration Day.






On the day the children were excited to share their learning with visitors. It was great to see so many whānau keen to learn something new in the child-led workshops available. Our Principal, Mrs Paula Farquhar, had fun learning how to make a Snowflake under the guidance of some young experts. Many of the Master Class participants went home happy with several finished pieces.




Keywords: master class, student-led

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