Collaboration - What does it look like?

As the future job prospects for our students change, collaboration is becoming a common feature of New Zealand schools and classrooms.

The ability to work effectively with others is a key element of employability and a key desirable outcome of a successful educational system. Those who can work in teams and who can use and promote a ‘collective intelligence’ are often sought-after employees, as well as effective leaders in education and business settings. This means there is a real urgency to learn how to work collaboratively as well as collaborative practice underpinning effective education.

CORE education 

Many may think that collaboration is merely working with others cooperatively, however it is much deeper than that. 

Collaboration is different to cooperation. Collaboration requires working with specific intent, an agreement to a common purpose or goal, and to a common way of achieving that. Core Education

So, with this in mind - what does collaboration at Wairakei Primary School look like?

If you were to walk around our school at any time of the day you will be able to see collaboration happening in many different ways:

Student - Student Collaboration

Students come together to work, to get better Willow Room 7

Student collaboration could involve completing a group task or activity,




or doing something together to improve our knowledge and skills from other students - such as reading and mathematics,




or interacting with others using our oral language skills to share our ideas.




Teacher - Student Collaboration

Teachers and teacher aides collaborate with students every day. They work together to share knowledge and skills, scaffold learning and extend their thinking.




Teachers play the role of a facilitator in this form of collaboration. The end goal is shared with the students and they work together to achieve this.

Teacher - Teacher Collaboration

Two brains work better than one - Sara Sprague


Here at Wairakei Primary School teacher-teacher collaboration is also very important. Teachers work together to plan, assess and teach students across the school. Staff and team meetings facilitate this collaboration and provide a great platform for teachers to share their skills and knowledge across the school.

Teacher-teacher collaboration allows us to

utlise the individual strengths of the teachers to improve the greater group - Tracey O’Sullivan


Community - School Collaboration

At Wairakei Primary School we are very lucky to have a supportive community who are always keen to jump in and help out where needed. 


We have a wide variety of skills in our community and it is great that we are able to include these in our school programmes. 

The ability to work together with a variety of different people is going to continue to be an important skill for our students to develop - and here at Wairakei Primary School, we provide our students with many different opportunities to practise and refine this skill.

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