Evolution of Dance in Room 7 2019

Shorty get low, don’t blame it on the sunshine, jumping jive!

These are some of the songs that we are dancing to for our Te Mihi Summer Concert.  

Firstly, we watched a video about how dance and music has developed over time.  This gave us an idea of what the dance was like in that time. We had 3 eras – 1930’s, 1970’s and 2000’s - We had to pick our favourite era that we wanted to create a dance for.



Then we got together with our group and had to pick 3 songs from that era and Mrs Isaacson’s dad mashed them together so we could practice in class.  The songs had to be under 2 minutes long.

It was hard to fit all the dance moves into the songs because we had lots of ideas Vienna

It was hard to work with such a big group but we did it in the end Nathan

We tried to make some moves ourselves and then Mrs I fine-tuned us and linked it together.  Then we had to practice, practice, practice and practice some more. Te Mihi got together and we ran through all of the eras from 1920’s to 2010.  It was fun watching all the different era’s, listening to the music and seeing the dance moves.



We also looked up some interesting facts from each of those era’s.  

Did you know that in the 1930’s Nestle releases the first white chocolate candy as the Milky bar.

The world population in the 1970’s was 3.65 billion and Eminem was the best-selling musical artist in the 2000’s.

Next, we had to decide on what costumes to wear, that was so much fun!  We bought them to school and practiced in them for our dress rehearsals.

We can’t wait to show our Evolution of Dance and Music to the whole community this term!



I enjoyed the opportunities we had to do the dancing in our group Frankie.

I liked using the hats in our dance Sam.

I liked it when we got to freestyle in the 2000 dance Cameron.

I liked everything in the 1970’s dance Joe.

It was cool that my moves got in the dance and I got to try an era that I had never done before Shaun.

It was fun dancing to 3 different songs in an era Ahnika.

Thearrts 1930 s room7 02