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During the first Geothermal week held in Taupo, Wairakei Primary School learned about geothermal power stations, and we were challenged to make a model of one.

All of our classrooms created their own power stations using different types of resources such as cardboard boxes, paper, glue, Lego and other recycled materials.

The majority of the classrooms sent their geothermal power station models in and  some people just took photos and videos to send to the people. The students had to explain how their power station was made and how it works. Some students wrote facts to go with their power station models. 

Most of the students worked in groups of three or four. Room 5 and their whole class worked together to create one big model. 

Ashtin and Max K from Room 7 used dry ice for their smoke, although they weren't allowed to use it in the competition to compete against the other schools.

Henry in Room 3’s dad works at the geothermal field, so Henry’s group used some real geothermal materials that his Dad brought in. 

Our power stations were entered into a competition involving all Taupo schools. There were so many geothermal power stations to compete against. The results have just come in and Henry, Avery, Finn, and Alyssa won the MB Century “Our Future Engineers” prize - winning $500 worth of Mobilo for the school.


Josh and Dan, (the geothermal experts from Contact Energy) came to the Te Mihi team classrooms and set a challenge. We had to make a rig that was: 


-one meter tall 

- and be able to hold a drill for one minute. 

Lennox, Keanu, Cole, and Declyn won the rig making competition. Luke and Jay came in second place. 

All of the students had loads of fun making their geothermal power stations and learning how they make electricity.

Kakariki Manukura

Zaara, Emily, Elliot, Cole 

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