‘Giving Back’ Conservation Planting

Wairakei Primary School Enviro was been invited to be a part of a Wetlands planting programme being undertaken on the Mangamingi Landcorp Farm.


Checking out the farm map

Senior students Leroy, Ty, Finn and Holly attended a site visit where they met with Claire, from Conservation Volunteers (Auckland), Gordon from Landcorp (Wellington) and Mr Bolton, the farm’s manager.


Ty Leroy Finn and Holly learn about the farm from Mr Bolton

Two planting areas were viewed with discussions involving suitable native plant species, planting techniques, weed and pest control.


Holly Finn Ty and Leroy

Mr Bolton showed us a map of the whole farm and explained the forest and native bush areas and stock numbers.

We now look forward to the actual planting day.


Checking out the planting site

Checking out the farm map