Grand Slammers

Room 4 has been working on our hand-eye coordination. We have been using a tennis racket and ball to test this out. 


We have focused on the skills such as; bouncing the ball with a tennis racket, juggling the ball on the end of the racket before the ball hits the ground. Blake can do a whopping 31 juggles! Lastly we have been working on hitting and catching the ball.


Blake concentrating on his juggling. 


Lucy focusing on bouncing the ball

We have been able to transfer these skills into a game. The aim of the game is to hit 3 balls out into the fielding team, without them being caught on the fall. Once all balls are hit the fielder can them move and work together with their team to tag the player running, with the ball. The player who is running is safe when they get to the other end/ safe zone without being tagged. You can get a home when you run to the safe zone and back in one hit without getting tagged or hit by the ball.



During the game we have had to focus on teamwork and what it looks like to be part of a team and what a “good” team looks like here are some of our thoughts:

Casey said: A good team looks helps each other.

Laila said: A group of people that can work together.

Eden said: A good team looks like you are sharing and caring for other people.

Hana said: A good team celebrates the wins and loses and make sure to always thank the other team.

Pippa said: A good team must work together.

Liam said: A good team member supports others.



Keywords: Team work, tennis, skills

Grand Slammers 05