How much is a fifth?


Room 12 has been learning about fractions.

We know that a fraction can be part of a whole number or part of a group of objects. Fractions are important to understand when dividing objects or shapes into parts. So far Room 12 has learned about halves, quarters and thirds. Recently we learned about fifths with Mrs Young. Tricky!

Mrs Young started by drawing a flower on the whiteboard with five petals on it. She showed us that the ⅕ symbol means the same as ‘one out of five’. She coloured in one of the petals and we knew straight away that ⅕ of the petals were coloured. Then she coloured in three of the petals and we knew that was the same as ⅗.

Mrs Young then gave a fraction and challenged some students to colour in the right number of petals.


Fletcher can make ⅗


Caleb can make ⅖


Danielle can make ⅘

We then chose our own fractions and coloured in the right number of petals on a flower template.


Lyla coloured ⅕ of her petals red and ⅘ green


Richard coloured ⅗ of his petals blue and ⅖ green


Alex coloured ⅖ of his petals red and ⅗ black


Paige coloured ⅖ of her petals yellow and ⅗ red


Bianca coloured ⅖ of her petals red and ⅗ pink


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