Minute to Win It!

Our Inquiry focus was about setting goals. On Fridays, the children in Rooms 10 & 11 got together to take part in some Minute to Win It challenges.

After sorting themselves into seven teams the first thing each team was required to do was to give their team a name. This in itself was not an easy task as the team had to agree on the name by consensus or compromise. Children then took part in a rotation of 60-second challenges that use objects that are commonly available around the house/classroom. The rotation took a couple of weeks to complete and was super fun. The challenges became “Can Do” activities for the week which meant the children could get additional practice time and were able to modify some of the activities. Children were asked for feedback and from this, another round of challenges was created.

Team Super Heroes working together to complete the cup stacking challenge.


Team Sharp getting to grips with the challenge.


Henry & Rhenyk took the responsibility of being timer and recorder seriously.


For the second round of challenges, the children used a bomb countdown on an iPad to time each contestant for 60 seconds - 1 minute. They also recorded what each team members score was on a scoresheet. The addition of these two activities meant that all of the team was engaged instead of just being a spectator. It also meant that each team was managing their own time frames instead of being limited to one timekeeper setting the time for all the groups. There was a fair bit of collaboration as well as children took turns being the contestant, timekeeper, recorder, and supporters. Supporters had the role of retrieving equipment, cheering, and making sure the contestants were abiding by the rules of the challenge. Although the challenges were not head to head with other contestants the children compared their scores with those of other teams that had gone before them. To beat the highest previous score became their short term goal. Because the challenges were skills-based the children had to complete the task quickly and accurately.

So close to success. Tiarni takes the time to determine what she needs to do so the marble will go through the hole.


Piper shows determination and perseverance.


Team 7 discussing the best technique to use for tiddlywinks



Keywords: inquiry, collaboration, teamwork, short term goals, challenges, perseverance

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