Bang a Drum

Room 1 inquiry has started with a bang, literally. Well, a bang on a drum to be more accurate.

Room 1 is enjoying experimentation with many musical instruments as part of the preparation for Summer Concert. There are bongo drums of different shapes and sizes, xylophones, recorders, and percussion instruments such as maracas and triangles. While it can be a cacophony of sound in the mornings before school, it all comes together when music teacher, Whaea Chelle, arrives to help with the ‘mash-up’ - a medley of songs that the students are learning to play along with.




Students were able to pick the songs they wanted to learn and six groups were formed. Whaea Chelle was able to find a common rhythm and all the songs merge together in a special way. A lot of practice has been necessary and this has been the fun part. Using apps on iPads such as ‘Real Drum’ and ‘Drum Pad Machine’ is an extra challenge as students have to learn patterns and try to master repetitive rhythms.

Our main focus has been on developing ideas, and communicating and interpreting music, as set out in the NZ Curriculum. It asks that students improvise, explore, and express musical ideas, drawing on personal experience, listening, and imagination. Students are also prompted to explore ways to represent sound and musical ideas. We have been sharing music-making with others, learning basic performance skills and techniques. Whaea Chelle often plays music for us and shows us clips of neat music online, allowing us to respond to live and recorded music. Students have also had the challenge of learning to read music and we know it spells FACE and Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge (EGBDF) on different parts of the stave.



I liked picking the song I wanted to sing. I know all the words to it. - Lizzie

I can do the beat to ‘We Will Rock You’ really well! Listen! - Kody

Bella and I are playing the drums and I am going to do the rap part. - Evie

I’m taking my xylophone home to practise. - Stella

View our video here


Keywords: Summer Concert, music, Whaea Chelle

Curriculum links: Music L2 Sound arts - Developing Ideas, Communicating and Interpreting

2019 Aratiatia BangADrum 01