Don't touch the liquid nitrogen

Te Mihi has been practising or communication and collaboration skills. We have to remember that we need to communicate with each other in order to solve a task. 


Communication was the key to complete this liquid nitrogen

One challenge we participated in was the marshmallow and liquid nitrogen. We had to cross from one side of the rectangular space to the other. 


Crossing the path with out touching the liquid nitrogen - aka grass

In our teams, we had a number of pads to use to cross the path. These were known as our marshmallows; they would freeze so we could step onto them as we crossed the liquid nitrogen so we could step onto them.  There were a couple rules we had to follow in order to succeed. 

  • Only step on the marshmallow to cross the nitrogen.  
  • A body part must be touching the marshmallow at all times, if a marshmallow is left unattended we will lose it. 
  • No body part can touch the liquid nitrogen (grass) or we have to start again. 
  • Once we reach halfway we have to finish the task in silence. 


Communicating our strategy and not rushing was a key role in this task

Most groups had to attempt this 4-5 times. We learned patience, finding a new strategy and not putting the marshmallows too far apart. 

We got excited at the end and jump off leaving too many marshmallows unattended.  Ben P

Lots of us lost our balance especially when we had to fit 2 people on one marshmallow. Emmeline M

The best feeling was once we achieved it we got to celebrate as a group. We realised that we did this task together. 


Taking our time making sure we place the marshmallows correctly


Working together to complete a task Success

Communicating our strategy and not rushing was a key role in this task 4