Our Very Special Writing Kit

Room 4 were lucky enough to participate in the Warehouse Stationery Writing Kit. We were apart of 96,000 other children from around New Zealand to take part in writing our own unique and fabulous poems to share with our buddy class in Auckland.

There was one critical part to creating our poems and that was using the story tin supplied, we had to pick different objects out of tin the and create lists of ‘sticky words’. These words are based around the item that you have chosen and what it looks, feels and smells like. We were able to describe our item right down to the fine details, as well as using adjectives. We also learnt how to use a thesaurus to help us find synonyms to list more ‘sticky words’.


Once we had found our ‘sticky words’ we had to arrange and rearrange our words to how we though would best fit the structure of the poem which was: an anagram 2 words, 4 words,5 words, 4 words 3 words and our item to finish the poem. We didn't use the item any in our sticky words the point was to keep the reader guessing what object we were talking about.



Laila working hard to get her ‘sticky words’ onto her postcard.

There were plenty of challenges we had to overcome to be able to meet the deadline of getting out final product finished. There were many different steps we had to take, for each individual it was about reaching their own personal milestone and to be able to feel like they were apart of achieving something individually that we were able to put together to achieve something as a whole class.

We are very proud of all the hard work and effort we have put into get our writing kit sent on its way to Auckland.

Our final piece of work



We can’t wait to receive our package from our buddy class.

Here is a small clip of our buddy class opening up our package. Ttheyhey liked it that much they shared it with us on Facebook.


The big opening video


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