Pseudoscience. What is real?

Do low fat chips have less fat than normal chips Or is it pseudoscience?

Our learning has been about pseudoscience. We have done an experiment with low-fat chips and normal chips. To see if normal chips have less oil then low-fat chips. Pseudoscience is something scientific that they say is real but is actually fake

 What we used: two grid papers, rolling pin, baking paper, low-fat chips, normal chips,


The grid paper


The rolling pin


Baking paper


Both the chips together

We took two packets of chips. One low fat and one normal. 


I think that the low-fat chips taste better than the normal chips because they are thinner. Everybody loved the chips and they wanted to eat them. Mrs Forrest said if we finished the experiment and didn’t muck round we would get the two spear packets of chips. 

We  grabbed two handfuls one from the low fat packet of chips and one of the normal packet. We put them on the grid paper and took them outside. We put the low-fat chips on one paper and the normal chips on the other, then put the baking paper on top and crushed them until they were teeny weeny little pieces.

We did the same with the low fat chips. 


Crushed normal chips


Ready to crush Baking paper over the chips

Surprisingly, we found that the low fat chips had a bigger stain than normal chips. I think it was because they used different types of ingredients that made the grease stain, not just the oil. We then drew around the stain with a pencil. 


Low fat chip stain after we drew over it


Normal chip stain after we drew on it

Conclusion: It’s confirmed low-fat chips are pseudoscience 

Keyword: Pseudoscience, chips, food, experiment 

Learning: Reading, follow instructions, recording data, writing a summary

By Izzy and Jack M

Ready to crush Baking paper over the chips 5