Room 11 Class Stories


Room 11 students had an opportunity to share a story of their choice, focussing on reading with expression. Practising our reading and oral language skills, we learned to share our stories clearly and to our peers. Not an easy feat to begin with.


Each fortnight, students had a chance to choose a class picture book from the library that they would be comfortable reading to the class. This meant that we needed to check the book before we chose it, so we could read all of the words.

After making our choices, we each had the opportunity to read our books in front of the class, and learned how to speak with a loud voice so others could hear us.


Taylor C thought it was really cool being able to share a book in front of a class, and sharing a book that I chose

When the students weren’t reading, we learned how to be a listening audience, and how to show POWER to others, respecting others’ time reading.

Students were also able to give positive feedback on their classmates reading, thinking about some success criteria about what makes an expressive story.

It was fun to listen to others reading because I could listen to them share their stories as well as listening for what made good reading. They didn’t say um’s or ah’s and they didn’t just look down all the time - Bella

It was nerve-wracking when it was my time to read, said Wiki. “I wasn’t sure if I could read in front of the class but I was proud of myself when I finished the book



Now we’ve had an opportunity to speak in front of the class, Room 11 will be ready to share speeches later in the term, speaking with expression and reading confidently.

Keywords: expression, reading, speaking, confidence