Room 3’s Mall in the Hall Stalls

This post follows on from Aratiatia Currency in Room 3

‘Mall in the Hall’ was a grand finale to the term’s financial literacy inquiry unit. Each student in the Aratiatia team was tasked with creating, marketing and selling a product in order to raise money for a team trip. They had to have a company name, logo, tagline, business plan and advertisements. Every business had one hour to sell their products at ‘Mall in the Hall’. Parents, students and the community were invited to shop at our ‘Mall in the Hall’ from 2-3 p.m.

Room 3 split into 6 groups. 

‘Ataahua Poi’ was a business run by Kora, Quianah, Poppy, and Jordyn Lea. They decided to make poi from fabric, rather than the usual plastic covering.

Plastic is bad for the environment. said Poppy. 

Kapa haka students need to buy poi to practice with, said Kora.

They were very lucky to have wonderful support from Kora’s mum and aunty, Serena and Shay. Learning to plait the strings was challenging, but they found lots of ways to do it!

I tied my string to my toe! exclaimed Quianah.

Each group working on their businesses and products


Poi making with Dallas


Kora using the tree to plait her poi strings


Quianah using her toe to plait her poi string


Brooke using a rock to plait her poi string


Koras mum and aunty teaching the poi group


Coming up with a company name and logo




Ataahua poi stall

‘Wairakei Woodworkers’ was a business run by Lachie, Daniel, Braxton, Dallas, Jack, Charlie and Trend. Lachie came up with a clever tagline, ‘We’ve nailed it for you!’. The boys were lucky to have Mr Thompson working with them. Mitre 10 generously supplied them with some DIY toolbox kitsets to practise their skills on. “

These toolboxes are awesome! exclaimed Charlie.

They researched ideas and decided to make bird feeders to sell. These were a big hit and all sold out. They also used the go-kart that they made last term to sell rides on. 


Dallas making his tool box


Trend and Bevan making a tool box


Awesome toolboxes - Thanks Mitre 10


Making bird feeders


Lachies bird feeder


Wairakei Woodworkers Stall


Wairakei Woodworkers Go Kart Rides

‘Wairakei Heroes’ was a group run by Te Whetu, Kritnesh and Kevin. Originally, they planned on making a Pokemon colouring book, but after consulting a lawyer (Clare’s mum) about copyright law, they decided to create their own characters. Their book ‘Wairakei Heroes’ tells the stories of their superhero characters, such as ‘Emojiman’ and ‘Dinoshark’ and more. It is packed full of colouring pages, crosswords, word finds, codes and other activities that go with the stories. Thanks to our wonderful librarian, Penny, publishing and binding their book, the finished product looked great. Their very original book was a hit and sold out.

I love this book! I read all the stories last night, said Victoria.

View videos here

Review of Wairakei Heroes by Victoria

Brainstorming activity book ideas

Brainstorming activity book ideas 2


Designing activity book characters


Pennys Publishing


Wairakei Heroes Activity Book Stall

‘Supreme Sewing’ was a business run by Ava, Clare, Brooke, Emily and Imogen. They had designed and made environmentally friendly items such as reusable tissue pouches, produce bags, carry bags, treasure pouches, and cutlery pouches as part of last term’s inquiry unit. This term they were able to get these items into production. They made beautiful felt flowers to decorate their products and added bookmarks, hair accessories, book bags and more to their range. These girls were busy sewing in every free moment that they had this term. Their stall was full of unique and beautiful products.  Thank you to Ava and Clare’s mums for their incredible help with this group.


Clares mum helping make cutlery pouches


Ava beginning to make her cutlery pouches in bulk


Designing a pattern for cutlery pouches


Supreme sewers at work


Felt flower magnets brooches and bookmarks


Flower bags


Supreme Sewing Stall


Supreme sewers selling products


Supreme sewers products

‘Kids Candy Club’ was a candy store run by Ashtin, Victoria and Piper. They researched and trialled recipes before deciding to sell, homemade gummy bears, rainbow fudge, coconut ice with sprinkles, chocolate bark and marshmallows. Their ingredients were expensive, so they worked out that they would have to sell 90 bags of candy to break even. Luckily, their products were very popular and they easily sold over 150 bags. This group was very lucky that all of their parents helped them at home and school to create their delicious sweets. We are so lucky to have such amazing support from our children’s whanau.


Ashtins gummy bears


Researching recipes and ingredients


Ashtins mum helping with recipe research


Rainbow fudge


Making candy packets with logos


Making Candy


Kids Candy Club

Tyler decided to create his own business with the help of his mum Suzanne. He created his own line of soaps and called his business ‘Super Soap’.  His tagline was ‘Super cool, super clean!’ Some of his soaps were modelled in the shapes of game controllers, other had little lego people stuck inside!

They smell delicious, but you can’t eat them! said Tyler. 

These were also very popular and quickly sold out.


Super Soap

Mall in the Hall was a huge success. The hall was packed with people and the line to buy tokens went out the door. Many stalls sold out within half an hour. The students got to see all of their hard work pay off, as happy customers bought their products. The Aratiatia team made over $2500 to put towards a fabulous end of year trip. Now our next inquiry question might be “Where shall we go for our trip?”


Counting the money


Mall in the Hall