Room 3’s Surf Crazy for the Summer Concert

Our inquiry focus was on the arts, particularly choreographing and performing a dance to music.

As the title of the school concert was ‘Summer Concert’, the students were asked to research and find songs with a summer theme. Together we made a list of criteria that a good song would have, including things like; being upbeat, fun, easy to dance to, having parts for everyone to join in with. The class listened to all the chosen songs and ranked them against the criteria in order to choose a winner. Our choice was ‘Surf Crazy’.

Our next challenge was to think of props that we could use and to get into groups that would choreograph moves with each prop. We had boogie boards, hula hoops, balls, towels, and sunglasses. Each group worked together to make up moves and then put them to music.


Towels group



Balls groupBalls-group-2.jpg


Hula hoopersHula-hoop-group.jpg

We were very lucky to have a dance teacher, Lachie’s mum, Anna Tombleson, come in regularly to support us and to help us with our choreography. We had lots of fun seeing the dance come together. Some of us were very nervous to begin with, but all of us joined in for the final performances


Making the tunnel


Anna helping us with our moves


Practising our gymnastics moves

We made our own surfboards for the performance, using masking tape to make a design, then painting the gaps. Unfortunately, these were too heavy to dance with, so we decided to donate them to be used as stage decorations for the concert.


Peeling off the tape


Peeling off the masking tape


Painting our surfboards

Jordyn Lea and Quianah were our dance superstars and led our dance.  They even introduced our act while hula hooping and doing the splits! We have truly discovered hidden talents in our class.


Our amazing dance leaders


Awesome hula hooping presenters

We loved performing and all learned so much through doing this unit.  It was fantastic to see everyone’s confidence grow. Thank you so much for all of your help, Anna.


Thanking Anna for her help

Surf Crazy Dance Video here

Awesome hula hooping