Spring has sprung


Who doesn’t love a little bit of poetry? And what better season to write about than Spring? 

Room 10 collaboratively created a spectacular spring acrostic poem to describe the new season. Acrostic poems are a great introduction to poetry for junior students and teach vocabulary within a particular context. An acrostic poem is created by using each letter of a word or a name (the subject) to describe it. This can be done using single words, phrases or whole sentences:

Acrostic poems

Can describe things

Really good vocab extension

Outstanding poetry

Sentences or single words

Terrific fun

Interactive activity for all ages

Choose a word and describe it!

Mrs Young started with a question for Room 10: What is special about September 1st? The responses were varied and wonderful. Finally, we realised it is the first day of spring! Then Mrs Young showed us an acrostic poem about winter and we all talked about the beginning sounds of each phrase spelling out the word ‘WINTER’. How clever!

Warm fires


No swimming 

Time for hats and scarves

Every day is cold

Rain and wind

Next, it was the children’s turn to write an acrostic poem. Mrs Young wrote the word SPRING vertically down the whiteboard and one by one, the children came up with words or phrases to fit each letter. The trickiest part of remembering to use the write letter sound AND remembering to stick to the focus: SPRING.

Room 10 used super teamwork to write their poem. There was no time to publish it, so we all agreed to leave that to another day.  



Keywords: Writing, Poetry

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