Taupō Postcard Magic

For our inquiry topic, Taupo - Moving with the times, Room 14 discussed the distinctive attractions of Taupo.

The learning was focused on inviting a special person to share with them one of these attractions. 

Room 14 was introduced to a postcard to reflect how people communicated in the past and to look at how we could incorporate this postcard into a digital form. Many students had not seen a postcard before. 

Postcards are purchased and stamps bought and applied to the postcard so it can be sent through the postal service. The postcard can take a few days to arrive if sent in New Zealand and longer for overseas.

As a class the students were given a postcard template with a space for their drawing, address and text. The requirement was to inspire someone they knew to come to an attraction in Taupō. The students looked at images of attractions within the Taupō district and discussed places they enjoyed going. They decided on that ‘someone special’ that they would like to invite to join them on their excursion.



To incorporate the digital technology curriculum I made a Google Slide presentation with my example of a digital postcard. This included explicit instructions on how to complete the digital postcard template on SeeSaw. 

Students were grouped by mixed ability so they could help each other. For some, this was their first attempt at uploading photos and writing in text boxes. The students were to use the information that they had compiled in their manual postcard from their writing books. 

The students used the upload icon to place their photo of choice onto the first slide. On their second slide they had used the keyboard and could practise making text boxes, scaling them up and down, and finding the letters to use on the screen. Lachlan identified the predictive text that he could read and  tap on to include the whole word in his writing. 

This is exciting. I can use different colours for the text boxes and the writing - Bowie

The words come up by magic (predictive text). I need to think if it is the right word to use - Lachlan

It was challenging moving the text boxes around the postcard, resizing them,  and then putting them in the right place - Jackson

This is more exciting than I thought. I have learnt to upload an image that I chose of the prawn park.  Can I add an emoji? - Kimberley

Keywords: Digital Technology, SeeSaw, postcard