The Journey of Electricity

Learning experiences which integrate the new digital technology curriculum are happening in Room 3.

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As part of our physics concepts learning, the Red Rockets 2 reading group read an article called Power from School Journal August 2011. This article described the journey of electricity from an electric toothbrush back to Lake Taupo. 

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Together we used this article to create a computational thinking activity that our whole class participated in that comes from the new digital technology curriculum. 

Students had to create a Book Creator or a google slide with photos to sequence each step of the journey of electricity from Lake Taupo to their home. Students had to use our local Aratiatia Power Station in their sequence because of the connections our school has to this station.

Students then had to identify if they made any errors in their sequence and make corrections. The final step was to write instructions to describe each step in the sequence.

This computational thinking activity also had a designing and developing digital outcomes aspect because the students used either a Book Creator or google slide app, they worked with an authentic context, and they developed, manipulated, stored, retrieved and shared information as part of the learning process. 


Amber made her sequence on google slides


Annabelle and Juno share their book creator


Arkayzhia shares her book creator


Bianca and Baylee share their book creator

I learnt how to do lots of new things on Book Creator. Now I can rearrange and insert pages because I realised I missed a step of the power station in my sequence. Bianca

Annabelle and I had to problem solve with our finished Book Creator because we realise when we shared our book with Room 9 the font we had used for our text was really hard to read.  Juno

I learnt how to hold my finger on a photo to copy it and then put it into my Book Creator. Travis

We had to think about where our roadside powerboxes were. I have one outside my place. Arley

We have some cool painted transformer power boxes in Taupo - like the snow bunny with the goggles outside Farmers. Daniel

Curriculum Links

The Digital Technologies Curriculum - computational thinking for digital technologies and designing and developing digital outcomes

Attributed to Stephen Ross -  University of Waikato Digital Technology Facilitator. School Journal August 2011- Article Power By Alex Taylor Page 10

Keywords: Computational Thinking, Designing and Developing Design Outcomes, Authentic Context, Sequence, Aratiatia Power Station 

Bianca and Baylee share their book creator 2