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NZ Writers kit from School kit.

Over the last 6 weeks, Room 5 & 6 has joined 2999 others around New Zealand in writing 96,000 poems. Using some sticky words and 13 items in a tin.

We have learned to construct text through a deliberate choice of content, language and text form.


What are we learning?

  • Constructing texts that show students growing awareness of purpose through a careful choice of language.
  • Using a range of vocabulary to communicate and to make meaning.
  • Understanding that the order and organisation of words contribute to and affect text meaning.


Writer Kit Riverview School

How do you know you have been successful?

Answering the group poem questions in a thoughtful way that reflects an awareness of rhythm and imagery.

Creating a word bank of sticky words (incl. synonyms, adjectives, metaphors) related to their object.

Constructing and refining their own object inspired, 18-word poem complete with anagram title.

It was great to see so many kids involved in this project. There was a huge amount of collaboration and effort to get our packages sent away on time. Then there was the excitement of receiving our packages from our partner school. Room 5 was partnered with Kaikohe Christian School, Waimate North and Room 6 were partnered with Riverview School, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands.

The students found it interesting going through their poster and finding out what their favourite place was or a piece of advice your teacher gave you.




What did the students think?

What was your favourite part of our poetry NZ Writers Kit?

Ben P

My favourite part about the writers kit was the survey you had to do.  

Brooke B

Mine was the part when we did the poems on the postcards that was the best.

Donald R

Doing the google form to complete our poster.

Emmeline M

I liked to do the anagram task because coming up with an anagram is fun.

Jahreon I

When you write a piece of advice that your teacher gave us.



Writers Kit Kaikohe Christian School

Writers kit 1