Our Learning: Our Curriculum

Wairakei Primary School curriculum is based on 8 inquiry topics that are covered across two years of learning and repeated.

Each year starts with our vision of POWER and what it means for us to show POWER in our Classrooms and in the playground. Then we start three 10 week inquiry topics that cross over into the next term. These inquiry topics cover the New Zealand Curriculum ensuring that science, technology and social sciences are covered across the two years.  

We end each year with a celebrations topic

For each of the inquiry topics, a programme is developed that covers the 6 years at Wairakei Primary School based on the NZ curriculum levelled into 2-year blocks of learning so that Yr 1 & 2 = Level One, Year 3 & 4 = level Two, Yr 5 & 6 = level 3. We have five core values which are integrated each term: Pride, Opportunity, Whanau, Excellence and Respect.

We also interweave the Key Competencies into each inquiry topic and ensure the learning outcome is showcased to the community in a digital format.

Our authentic localised curriculum underpin all the thinking strategies used by the learners as this creates pathways to our local secondary school's curriculums.