Boys Achievement

Our focus is raising boy’s achievement. Our data from 2014 has indicated that our boys have made some gains in the national standards however it is not consistent across all levels and we are not seeing the same amount of gain as we do with the girls learning at school.

Our question for our discussion was:

Increasing the achievement of our boys and Maori students (without being detrimental to our girls).

We started with the Boys.

We identified our areas of success and some areas we need to look at for improvement.We need to look levels of truancy, stand-downs, suspensions, participation, literacy, numeracy, and qualification attainment to identify our success and areas for improvement

  • We listen and talk with the boys at the school about their concerns and hopes for the future.

  • As a staff we talk about effective strategies to engage boys in learning as part of our professional development.

  • We talk with families and whānau about how their boys are doing and what they want them to achieve.

Our golden circle look like this. We will be discussing how we have implemented these strategies at our Teacher Only Day On 29 May 2015

  • We also know that by engaging with our community about the most appropriate success factors we will develop a shared commitment to lifting the engagement and achievement of boys in our school.


Wairakei Primary School boys achievement